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Ingestion of Unwanted objects by Pets

  Ingestion of Unwanted objects by Pets: Well it’s a very difficult state to explain the exact treatment of this issue, as we know that the object may cause severe damages to entire Gastro intestinal tract. So firstly we need to know about the different conditions which can occur when your dog or cat ingest any object which is unwanted or should not be ingested. Following could be the conditions: 1.        Dog/Cat may feel the issue of difficulty breathing, and this could be the worst form of this problem. In this form you may need to reach the Vet as soon as possible, because it could be more damaging. 2.        Dog/Cat if ingested or chew something electric cord like structure which can be in shocked form than you firstly need to remove the main switch and after that rub the body of dog/cat with any wooden object, it will reduce the electric potential. 3.        Medicinal form of ingestion is that form when your pet ingest any medicine which he shouldn’t take and in a over

Increasing Milk Production in Dairy Animals

  Increasing Milk Production in Dairy Animals Hy..! This is Dr Zahid Afzal today I would like to discuss a very frequent asking question about increase in milk production by both of Vets and the farmers, A detailed Video about this topic already uploaded on YouTube you can watch it by clicking here . So I want to clear that increasing milk production is not a rocket science, you don’t need to be highly experienced, qualified and a lot of expensive techs required here. Just by following simple steps you will be able to increase the milk production but along with this you can also maintain the boosted immune system of that animal. Increasing milk production is high demanding specially in Central Asia due to increasing consumption of milk. Here we need to look out at few steps or reasons firstly, that how these factors help in decreasing the milk production. Following are the reasons: 1.        Stress: Stress is basically a first reason for any animal to reduce her production even

Good and Bad Foods For Dogs & Cats

 Hy This is Dr Zahid Afzal from General Veterinary Hospital Lahore, In this post I will answer a most frequently asked question that which food is good for Cats and Dogs and which one they should not take. So bellow is the detailed List. Good Foods: 1. Cat and Dog Dry Food  2. Chicken Boneless Boiled  3. Mutton Boneless Boiled 4. Beef Boneless Boiled 5. Vegetable of green origin boiled 6. Egg white Boiled 7. Boiled Potato  8. Boiled Carrot  9. Gravy Foods  10. Meat Broths Bad Foods: All foods of human consumption are prohibited and contraindicated in dogs and cats few them are mentioned below: 1. Chocolates  2. Choco Biscuits  3. All kind of Candies 4. Fried Food 5. Fast Food  6. Cakes of all sorts  7. Sweets 8. Green leaves vegetables 9. Dry form of cereals  10. Alcohol related items Above mentioned are the items catagorized according to need of body, beside this some pets may develop digestibility to digest all kinds of food, but this doesn't work for all kind of animals. I ho